Background of the breed

The Maremma is typical of a livestock guardian, possessing a natural protective instinct. They are friendly and loyal to their own family but can be wary of strangers.
They like children in their own family but need to be supervised when other children come to visit.
They use their size & voice as a deterrent, and are not usually an agressive dog.

The Maremma sheepdog has been known in it's native Italy for 2000 years and originates from two areas of Central Italy.
The Maremma's main function was to guard the flocks against wolves & bears, and more recently from thieves & wild dogs. The dog was left to use it's own iniative in making decisions & that sense of independence is still strong in the dogs of today. In Australia, where the Maremma Sheepdog has been used as a stock guardian, farmers have reported a 35% reduction in losses from foxes, wild dogs and birds of prey

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

First bee sting - ouch !!!

She came to the door in December resembling a Sharpei with that swollen nose and I knew straight away what she'd been up to.

She's always hassling bugs and insects, and we figured it wouldn't be long before she was going to get stung.......
Luckily she wasn't allergic to them and the vet gave her a shot of antihistamine.

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  1. cetti eats them...ever since his first sting many years ago!!
    you can meet cetti if you wander around
    he actually lives in boyup brook but his father came from Abruzzo.
    i will check back to find out how caya is doing :)